Online GIS Software

  • Please click this link to use this program.  This program displays interactive maps and a good deal of publicly available property information.

The data on the GIS website is provided for planning and informational purposes only.  The Town of Edgartown is not responsible for any use for other purposes or misuse or misrepresentation of maps created from this website.  Users should note that map data is for assessment purposes and is not valid for legal description or conveyance.

Land, Building, and Owner data is available on the GIS site (click on “Property Documents - Assessment or Building Data).  The owner information will be periodically updated through the calendar year.  Property value data is available via a link to the Vision Appraisal Online Database for Edgartown (click on “Property Card”).  The assessment data provided via the Vision Appraisal Online Database will be for the most recent fiscal year.

Please click here to access the new online GIS program for the Town of Edgartown.