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Jeffer's Lane Cemetery Walking Tour

Jeffer's Lane Cemetery Walking Tour

  • Walking Tour of the Jeffers Lane Cemetery

    There is no up to date plot map of this Cemetery.  The following is a walking tour of the Cemetery.  It begins at the South entrance from the Martha‚Äôs Vineyard Land Bank property.

    The graveyard breaks down into four sections:                                                                                    

    1) West Fence: Row of gravestone s along the West fence.with a few gravestones located towards the center of the Cemetery.  Gravestones are numbered from South to North, starting with 1 at southern most point of west fence. This area includes gravestones 1- 29.                            

    2) North Fence: One row along North fence with one set of graves (Goepper) set back from fence. Numbers continued from end of North section and run north-west to north-east. (Downhill). This area includes gravestones 30- 42.                                   

    3) East Section:  A scattering of graves including some areas with large stones and slate eroded gravestones which probably represent Native American burials.  Numbers continue from North-east corner to South-East corner, picking up scattered graves as logically as possible.  This area includes gravestones 43- 52.                                                                          

    4) South Section:   This area contains the most graves and they are spread out in a wider area.  The numbers start at Moses Jeffers grave at South-East corner and climb uphill. The area includes graves 53-79

West Fence  
1) Perrin H, Long Lot A
2) Elizabeth Griswold Long Lot A 
3) Mary Perley Wakeman Lot B
5) Sarah G. Martin No Lot Number
    Capt. William A.   
6) Leila C. Barber Lot H
7) Ann Watson Barber Lot H
    Courtenay Barber Jr.  
8) Leila Cook Barber Lot H
9) John Thorn Golding Lot H
    Josephine Barber  Lot H
10) Baby Boy Gassel Lot J - A
11) Stuart P. Gassel Lot J - A
12) Francis P. Goodridge No Lot Number
13) Hugh E. Jones Lot I
14) Unused Plot  
15) Derek Wainwright Jeter No Lot Number
16) Heath, Jr., Edward P. Lot I
       Heath, Hope C. J.  
       Heath, Horace W.  
17)  Sarah G. Jeffers Lot J
18) Matilda H. Jeffers  Lot J
19) Matilda H. Jeffers  Lot J
20) Peter Taylor Jones Lot H - A
21) Hanford Betts Lot K
22) Alva Bobst Betts Lot K
23) Alexandra Tuck Walsh Lot KS
24) Philip Cornelius Walsh Lot KS
25) Unused Plot   
26) Robert and Marie Fountain (Alive)  
27) Wood  
27A) Joyce Wood (Alive)  
        William Wood (Alive)  
28 ) Packard Lot 
28A) Vance Packard  
         Virginia Packard  
29) Harold Kelley Lot M
      Mary Kelly  
North Section  
30) Robert Bradford Marshall No Lot Number
      Ruth Norcross Marshall  
31) John Mc Cord Patterson Lot P
32) Joanne Bunker Patterson Lot P
33) Mary Seager Hartell No Lot Number
34) Eric Hartell No Lot Number
35) Mary Kathrina Petersen Stoddard  
36) Benjamin Joseph Lake No Lot Number
37) Dorothy Wilson Lot R
38) Barbara Reinhart Livingston Lot R
39) Dewitt Clinton Livingston Lot R
40A) John A. Goepper  
40B) Elsie Van Wyck Brush Goepper  
40C) Ellen Lucille Goepper  
41) Unused Plot   
42) Edward Baldwin Self Lot T
Beatrice Bellinger Self Lot T
East Section  
43) Chappaquiddick Indian Grave Area  
44) Gordon Thomas Getsinger Lot A-13
      Katharine Bunker Getsinger  
45) Gordon T. Getsinger, Jr. Lot A-13
46) Karen Getsinger Bontecou No Lot Number
47) Unused Plot   
48) Unused Plot   
49) Unused Plot   
50) Dorothy Gay Fullerton Lot A-12
51) Bradford M. Fullerton Lot A-12
52) Lydia B. Gardner No Lot Number
South Section  
53) Harriet Jeffers No Lot Number
Moses Jeffers  
54) WFB  
55) Unused Plot  
56) Joshua G. D. Manwaring Lot A-17
57) Arthur Franzen Lot Z
Ruth Ellen Franzen  
58) Unused Plot  
59) David Plumb Lot S
Faith Plumb  
60) Unused Plot  
61) Joseph Russell Barrett Lot Y
62) Evelyn Page Bartlett Hartell No Lot Number
63) Mary Bess Anthony Coughlin Lot A-15 
64) Robert Wallace Coughlin Lot A-15
65) Susan B. Begien Lot A-15
66) Unused Plot  
67) Elizabeth M. Seager No Lot Number
68) David Collins Seager II Lot E
69) Anne Heywood (Alive) No Lot Number
Carol Cobb Heywood   
Roger Heywood  
70) Walter Bettencourt Lot A-2
71) Charles Webquish No Lot Number
      John Webquish  
      Lydia Webquish  
      Susan F. Webquish  
72) Unused Plot  
73) Unused Plot  
74) Anthony A. Bettencourt Lot A-2
75) Judith Hill Fleming Lot A-14
76) Bruce R. Hill Lot A-14
77) Hazel Keith Sears Lot A-14
      Richard Niles Sears Lot A-14
78) Unused plot  
79) Lawrence Prince No Lot Number