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Face Coverings in Public Places Order

Face Coverings in Public Places Order

-          Any person over two must wear a face mask or cloth face covering, in a place open to the public in the Commonwealth, whether indoors or outdoors, and is unable to, or does not maintain a distance of approximately six feet from every other person

-          Except a person who is unable to wear a face mask or cloth face covering due to a medical condition or otherwise exempted by DPH Guidance

-          DPH will issue further guidance on the use of masks for children between two years and five years of age

Order applies to all workers and all customers of all businesses and organizations that are open to the public that are permitted to operate as COVID-19 Essential Businesses

-          All persons are required to wear masks or cloth face coverings at all times inside:

o   Grocery stores

o   Pharmacies

o   Other retail stores

o   When providing or using the services of a taxi, car, livery, ride-sharing, or similar service

o   When using any means of mass transit, or in an enclosed or semi-enclosed transit stop or waiting area

-           If a customer refuses to wear a mask of cloth face covering for non-medical reasons, a business may decline entry to that individual

-          The DPH and local boards of health and authorized agents under MGL c. 111, s. 30 are authorized to enforce the Order, and if necessary may do so with the assistance of local and state police

-          Violation of the Order or DPH Guidance may result in a civil fine of up to$300 per violation, in the manner provided for non-criminal disposition of violations of municipal by-law, ordinance, rule, or regulation pursuant to MGL c. 40, s. 21D