Edgartown Master Plan Steering Committee

  • The Planning Board extends an invitation to part- or full-time residents of Edgartown to consider serving on the Edgartown Master Plan Steering Committee.

    What is a master plan?

    Authorized and defined by Section 81D of Chapter 41 of the General Laws, A Master Plan is “a statement through text, maps, illustrations or other forms of communication that is designed to provide a basis for decision making regarding the long-term physical development of the municipality…” Put in other words, a Master Plan defines the Town's overarching Mission, establishes broad policy Goals, and proposes a Strategic Plan for implementing those goals on a timely basis. 

A Master Plan must consist of the following elements:

  • Land Use
  • Housing
  • Economic Development
  • Circulation
  • Open Space and Recreation
  • Natural, Cultural and Historic Resources
  • Community Services and Facilities
  • Goals and Policies
  • Implementation

However, a Master Plan is not limited to these topics. Edgartown’s Master Plan will likely include sections on Climate Change Resiliency and Adaptation, Fishing and Aquaculture, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation, etc.

Edgartown’s Master Plan was last revised in 1990.

The Master Plan Steering Committee, to be appointed by the Planning Board, will work to develop a new Master Plan for the Town.  The Steering Committee will begin meeting in early 2020.The Steering Committee will 

  • host public "Visioning" sessions;
  • consider public input;
  • conduct data collection;
  • analyze current and historical trends, and develop conclusions; 
  • consider possible future public and private development;
  • incorporate all information into a final Comprehensive Master Plan;
  • support and encourage formal adoption of the plan by Town Meeting in April, 2022.

Throughout this process, there will likely be two levels of participation: Steering Committee Members, and Advisors.

Steering Committee Members will form the core deliberative body.  The Steering Committee will be part- or full-time residents of Edgartown, and will consist of between eight and fifteen members.

Advisors would provide specific information to the Steering Committee related to their role as a Town or Regional Employee, but would not directly participate in the deliberative process.  Anticipated Advisors include Edgartown’s Assessors, Superintendents of Water, Wastewater and Highways, Elementary Principal, Library Director, and Town Administrator.

More information about this process will be made available through the Planning Board section of the Town's website.  The Planning Board will review applications as they are received. Final appointments are expected to be made in January 2020.

If you have questions, please contact Douglas Finn, Planning Board Administrative Assistant at 508-627-6170.