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How do I obtain a marriage license?

How do I obtain a marriage license?

How to obtain a marraige license:

*Both parties must apply together in person at any City or Town Clerk's Office in Massachusetts.

*There is a mandatory three day waiting period before you may pick up the license from the date of filing. To get married on a weekend the Tuesday before is the last possible day to file your intentions and pick-up your license on Friday.

*It may be possible to get a court waiver to waive the three day waiting period provided that there is a Judge available. The fee is $195.00. For information and help on this please call the Superior Court Office at 508-627-4668.

*The Marriage License is valid for 60 days from the date intentions are filed, and may be used in any Massachusetts City or Town. It is not valid outside the State.

*Pre-marital blood tests are no longer required in Massachusetts.

*The filing fee is $30.00 in Edgartown. You may request Certified Copies for $10.00 each.

*The Justice of the Peace or member of the Clergy who performs you ceremony must complete and sign the original license and return it to the Clerk of the Town where it was issued.

*Please check with the Social Security Administration and avoid possible IRS tax problems. your Social Security Number must match up with your new name (if changing your last name). All you need is a new SS-5 form (this link will bring you to the Social Security page with more information and that form). Names matched to Social Security Numbers are nexessary to correctly and efficiently process your tax returns.

  • Wednesday, 11 September 2013