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Well Water Testing

Well Water Testing

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  • The Edgartown Board of Health encourages everyone utilizing an on-site well for potable water supply to have their water tested. This is especially true if you live in the Price's Way, Shady Oak Lane, Huckleberry Hill Lane or Dubud Lane area where recent tests have identified a small number of wells with elevated nitrate levels.

Any neighborhood where there is high housing density and where on-site water wells are used should test their water once a year. Nitrate is potentially dangerous for infants, pregnant and nursing mothers and the elderly. The Edgartown Board of Health will assist you with collecting your water sample and transporting it to a laboratory. Please contact the Board of Health at 508-627-6120 to arrange assistance getting your well water tested.

Water supplied by the Edgartown Water Department (Town Water) is NOT subject to this recommendation for homeowner testing.

Additional information on nitrate nitrogen in drinking water can be found at the following websites: